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The Journey
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When I was in middle school there is a period of time that I was really into playing the claw machine. And after watching Toy Story, I’ve always imagined that the toys are alive when we’re not looking at them. The journey is about an astronaut going through a space trip in the claw machine. The story combines reality with the imagination of the kid to show how an astronaut is stranded out there in the universe, while in reality is being trapped inside of a claw machine.

I’m executing my idea by doing a misdirect from a kid’s imaginary world to the real life. The story shows the kid who loves space playing the claw machine, imagines rescuing the astronaut from getting sucked into a black hole by maneuvering the claw. Eventually, completing the operation and taking the astronaut back home down to earth. With the misdirect at the end of the journey makes the story more interesting while bring back the nostalgic memory from childhood. The message I would like to convey to the viewers is that never loose your imagination because the world is filled with infinite possibilities.



Ara Devejian

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